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Addiction Services


The statutes of Kansas require that a substance abuse evaluation be conducted on individuals that have been charged with a DUI or other substance abuse offenses. Evaluations are conducted by state certified counselors. The assessment lasts approximately 90 minutes. At the conclusion of the assessment, you are informed about the findings of the evaluation and a report is forwarded to your attorney and the court. The recommendations in the report are used by the court to determine the conditions of your probation or diversion. We provide fair, objective, and professional evaluations for adults 18+.

Cost $150  Evening and Weekend Availability!

Click "Request Appointment" button below for online scheduling or email/call at the contact listed below.

*The cost of any alcohol and drug evaluation for any person shall be paid by such person to the provider at the time of service and shall be not less than $150. K.S.A. 8-1567 or K.S.A. 2012

Drug Testing & Classes 

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